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My heart is stirred today. God has been working overtime on me the last couple of months, challenging me at the deepest levels of everything I thought I knew about the Christian life.

This morning turned out to be the culmination of all that God has been doing in me. We had an amazing service with our LifePoint Church family… one of those inexplicable encounters with God that none of us could have planned if we had tried. I walked towards the platform to bring the message, clutching a handful of notes that were “scrambled thoughts” at best. I had struggled all week, trying in vain to take all the things God has been teaching me these last two months and somehow condense them all into a logically organized, well outlined, sensible sermon. Well, that didn’t happen! (more…)


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EndOfTheWorld3I did something yesterday I knew I shouldn’t have done. I had resisted the temptation for three whole days, but I finally gave in…

Yesterday afternoon… I… turned on the news!

It only took a few short minutes for the doom and gloom to set in. The announcer said, “The economic picture continues to worsen. Circuit City announced today that it has filed for bankruptcy… DHL also announced the closure of its entire U.S. domestic shipping services and the loss of 9,000 jobs… After getting $150 billion in bailout money from the government, the insurance giant AIG now says that it will likely not survive without additional money, and if AIG fails, the entire insurance industry could possibly collapse… Things are looking just as bad for General Motors. The survivability of this automotive giant is now in serious doubt as its stock plunged to a six-decade low, effectively becoming worthless… Ford and Chrysler are not far behind, and if all three of these companies fail, which is not out of the realm of possibility, it would shut down hundreds of related businesses and potentially put as many as 3 million people out of work!”

Wow, that’s just what I needed to hear. (more…)

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The very first words ever spoken to us as a new church were spoken by a man with more than 50 years of faithful service in the Lord’s work. We had all gathered in his home one evening to commission this new ministry, and we knew that his vast experience in church planting and missions work on numerous continents would provide us with some highly valuable insight as we prepared to take this huge step.

Looking back on that night, I’m honestly not sure exactly what everyone expected to hear, but I do know that what we did hear was not even close to what we were anticipating! I suppose in some innocent, naive way, most people expected him to pat us on the head and tell us how proud he was of us for starting a new church. After all, when you’re embarking on a brave new endeavor, it’s nice to hear words of affirmation. It tends to add credibility to what you’re doing. Well, we got a little more than we bargained for that night! (more…)

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More than 1,500 pastors leave the ministry every month.

Read that again. It is not a typo.

And if you think that statistic is troubling, you should probably stop reading this right now. I’m serious. This is not for the faint of heart. If you do choose to keep reading, you may want to go grab some Mylanta or Pepto Bismol first. These statistics are very upsetting.

In the past month alone I have been asked to meet with two pastors, both of whom are seriously considering packing it in and walking away. Two, in just one month! And these guys are no slouches. They are both good men who love their families, love the Lord, and love the church. They are gifted, dedicated, hard working, passionate guys with a proven track record, both of whom have made a significant impact for the Kingdom of God. But they both look like weary prize fighters with their backs against the ropes; bruised, bleeding and discouraged, wondering how many more rounds they can endure. It’s heart breaking, and frankly, it scares the living daylights out of me. Are pastors wimps, or are the demands being placed on them so far beyond reason that they are cracking under the pressure? (more…)

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